Cory Monteith’s Friend Reflects on His Relationship With Lea Michele

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Justin Neal You don’t have to be in a glee club to sing Leah Mitchellpraise of

Justin, who is the late former roommate Cheer up the star Cory Monteith, looked back at the co-stars’ relationship with a front-row seat. According to Justin, the actress left a lasting, positive impression.

“Leah was amazing to me,” Justin told In! News in an exclusive interview on January 12. “She would literally go food shopping, come home and make eggplant parmesan for us. And she was kind of entertaining. [who] Everything will be thought of.”

Justin noted that he and another close friend were often at Corey’s Plus Two events, which allowed them to bond not only with Lee, but with her parents as well. Edith And Mark Sarfati.

“It would be us and Lee’s parents hanging out all the time,” Justin recalled. “And I loved his father. He was a funny guy.”

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