This $10 Dry Brush Has 18,600+ 5-Star Amazon Reviews

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If you need more information before you buy, here’s what reviewers are saying.

CSM Body Brush for Wet or Dry Brushing Reviews

One shopper said, “I seriously think this helps with cellulite if you use it daily. I rarely write reviews but this could be a miracle worker.”

Another reviewed, “I bought this dry skin brush from Complete Skin Makeover about a month ago. I love how CSM made this product! It fits perfectly in my hand and looks luxurious and works well. .The lumps and bumps look great. My skin feels a bit cool and refreshing on the skin and after brushing it. My skin is dry and lizard smooth and soft. My cellulite is also noticeably less. I also Noticed how healthy and glowing my skin is. Bani. It’s a miracle…I love it!!!”

An Amazon shopper explained, “When I brush regularly, I don’t have cellulite and even the tiniest ripples go away. When I stop for a month, I get ripples and sometimes even a little cellulite.” Because I don’t exercise. And don’t eat well, I can only believe that dry-brushing makes a difference!”

“I literally use this dry brush every day. It’s my best friend. I have a lot of cellulite on my thighs because that’s where all my weight goes, and when I’m in the shower I exfoliate the dry brush and omg I I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin!!! It is super soft, my boyfriend compliments how soft my skin is all the time, and I can see a huge improvement with cellulite, I believe mostly due to dry brushing. “Someone wrote.

A shopper shared, “I’ve always had sensitive skin and then I bought this brush. I want to have this brush for the rest of my life. I love it. At first it feels rough like you’re hurting your skin, but Then when you damage your skin. Your skin from the shower isn’t as red as you think, it’s amazing. I’ve been very active all my life and have rough joints and scars from numerous injuries and surgeries. It affects my joints, circulation, It has helped with overall tone, spots and blemishes. I use it in circular motions with African black soap and it’s the best thing I’ve bought. I used to get bumps on my legs every day and it was so embarrassing and I don’t anymore. “

Someone wrote, “Holy moly this really works. Use it every day a few minutes before showering and I’ve seen a drastic change in cellulite on my upper thighs within days. Dry brushing definitely works.”

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