Tori Spelling Shares Daughter Was Diagnosed With Hemiplegic Migraine

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Spelled Zucchini‘s daughter has returned home after suffering a medical scare.

On 13 January, the is 90210 The alum provided an update on his health and Dean McDermott’daughter of Stella14, and an illness that recently hospitalized her.

“She’s home and feeling great,” Tori wrote on her Instagram story. “At the ER she was diagnosed with hemiplegic migraine.”

Torrey explained that a hemiplegic migraine is “a condition that affects one side of the body” that can come with some scary side effects.

“The symptoms of a hemiplegic migraine attack are similar to those presented in a stroke,” she continued, “which usually includes a sudden severe headache on one side of the brain, weakness and numbness in one half of the body.”

Reflecting on the diagnosis, the 49-year-old – who also shares children Liam15, Hattie11, Fin10, and Two5, with her husband – noted that she was not familiar with hemiplegic migraine before her daughter’s experience.

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