We picked the perfect baby name — then she came early and ruined it

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Nine months of brainstorming almost down the drain.

An Australian couple’s plan for the perfect name for their newborn was all but derailed when their daughter reportedly arrived 24 hours early.

Convinced her baby would be born on her due date, the Brisbane parents decided to give her the middle name May after her expected birth month. But when she showed up in April instead, her plan was ruined.

“If your baby’s middle name is May v.

“We didn’t change it either,” Brett admitted in the caption for the clip, which has been viewed over 962,000 times since it was posted this week.

Tick ​​tock
The new mom joked about the mix-up of her daughter’s middle name in a viral TikTok.

Viewers were quick to joke about the unfortunate — albeit humorous — situation in the comments section.

“I would have named her April May,” joked one user.

“April Fool’s joke,” smirked another.

“April’s a nice name, though,” argued another, though Brett assured that person it wouldn’t “flow” with her daughter’s secret first name.

Other users shared similar unfortunate stories.

“Same here. We named her Ella-Mae since she was due to be born on May 11th. She was born on April 5th but the name stuck,” confessed another parent.

“Don’t worry lol my middle name is June and I was born in May. It’s happening,” revealed another.

“My cousin is an April baby too, her middle name is Mae and it drives me crazy that she was born in April,” quipped another.

While the nickname Snafu was disappointing to the new parents, things could have been worse — at least May is easy to say and spell.

In 2022, “Issac” and “Chole,” misspellings of “Isaac” and “Chloe,” topped the list of most commonly changed names, while “Angela” and “Kobe” were simply unpopular.

Baby's TikTok
While the baby was originally due in May, her mother says she was born 24 hours premature for her appropriate middle name.

Meanwhile, a young mother recently posted a complaint on an online parenting forum, bemoaning the butchering of her children’s names. She insisted they were “classic,” but people’s reactions told a different story.

She called them Lois and Beatrix — pronounced “Bee-uh-trix” and “Lo-iss” — but she claimed they’re often mispronounced as “Beet-rix” and “Loyce.” While some commenters argued that the nicknames weren’t difficult to pronounce, others admitted that they had never heard of “Lois” and would pronounce “Beatrix” as two syllables instead of three.

To avoid frustrating mix-ups of “classic” names, parents might opt ​​for something more modern.

Parenting site Nameberry reckons A-listers will heavily influence the names of babies born in 2023, with “Billie” – as in Eillish – and “Jolene” – inspired by Dolly Parton – topping the list.

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