‘What’s there to be scared of’

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TikTok’s favorite great-grandmother went viral again when she responded to a viewer seeking peace about the unknowns of life and death.

Texas native Nanny Faye, whose TikTok name is nannyfayeandme, assured the user that there’s nothing to “fear” when it comes to the inevitable end of life.

The user asked Nanny Faye, “I’m scared of dying and I can’t help it. Can you ask her if it is her and how you can help her with that? She is sweet!”

“Nooo! Why should I be afraid? Honey, what’s there to be afraid of,” Faye replied. “It’s just waiting. This [life] is just a short transitional period. It’s a blip. It really won’t be a bunch of beans… Less than 100 years to eternity isn’t even enough.”

The great-grandmother cited her faith as a key component of her peace, citing the Bible’s role in revealing heaven’s eternal perfection.

“You have to rely on what this Bible says,” she said. “This Bible will introduce you to the most wonderful place to live and dwell and be happy and perfect.”

Nanny Faye
Faye gave her personal opinion on life and death.

Faye continued by explaining that unfortunately life on earth will never be perfect, but that is not the case when it comes to eternal life with God.

“There will be perfection. Everything will be fine,” she said. “No sickness, no grief, no … people out of work, no problems in any direction. There won’t be any of that stuff here that worries us to death.”

Nanny Faye
Faye said she understands that life for everyone on Earth cannot be perfect.

Faye, who was born in 1925, has gone viral multiple times since her great-grandson created her account, which expressed her wisdom and insight, eventually garnering 1.7 million likes.

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